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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Catherine and Ferdy got married.

This definitely was a fun wedding. The bride and groom as well as the whole wedding party were so determined to have the very best time possible despite the long schedule. I must hand it to the Asian couples, they truly know how to make every second of the wedding day count. Always smiling, always lovely and is a pleasure to shoot weddings like this one. 
They start their day very early in the morning and so much happens!
The wedding ceremony was in a church in Ashfield and the reception at Panorama House in Bulli.
We stopped at Stanwell Tops for photos and then drove all the way down the mountain to the beaches. The weather was gloomy and a little cold, but the light was lovely and we got some spectacular shots. Rainy days don't worry me at all, as adding umbrellas often adds another fun element to the photos. With a wedding party like this one, we were never short on ideas. Basically they kept suggesting crazy stuff and I said, go for it! They did jumping shots, they did slow motion running on the beach, Mary Poppins...I never laughed so much at a wedding!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Jessica and Giles got married!

Some weddings are seriously uncomplicated and this was one of those weddings. No crazy stressed out bride and no complicated schedule to juggle all day.
However, as weddings photographers know well, nothing is truly simple when weddings are concerned, nature did throw in a curveball and it poured like I have never seen before.
But, not during the ceremony, phew!

But, since I had a glowing pretty bride and a handsome Aussie bloke to work with it made my life super easy. Two people obviously in love and in synch with each other, nothing could be more amazing to photograph. Oh, the photographs never lie...there is love here...
And let's not forget the dog!
Have an amazing life guys! Congratulations!